Minutes: September 13th, 2013
Meeting at Fort Dodge Library


Introductions and Roll call:

President Brita called the meeting to order at approximately 9:05AM and welcomed everyone to the Fort Dodge.
Board Members present were Brita Van Horne, Roger Schemmel, Cody Christensen and Adam Fedders. Absent were Mike Pardekooper and Tom Palmer. A count of more than 15 members was taken which determined there was a quorum.

Approval of July meeting minutes
Review minutes of the July 2013 IABO Chapter Meeting. A motion was made by Doug Jordison and seconded by Tim Hennes to approve minutes with only change of correction of spelling of Brita’s name. Motion passed.


- Most correspondence was sent via email to members.
- State Plumbing and Mechanical systems board update was sent by email. Other Commination was an update from Bob Neil regarding development of test for Mechanical Contractor’s License. ICC has helped develop a test and will be administrated at local community colleges.
- Received information and proposal from Web provider and Brita will keep updated.

Treasure’s Report.
Adam Fedders, Treasure reported deposits of $21,080.00 with expenses of $14,206.30 for a Balance of $48,544.75. Adam also reported a large portion is pass thru money for the Exam training. Moved by Tim Hennes and seconded by Dennis Jordison to approve Treasure’s report. Motion passed.

State Building Code Bureau
Brian Bishop reported the 2012 I-codes and the intended action are in the works and get moving in November with final adoption by February or March 2014.

Larry Nobel is new public safety commissioner, is getting in the groove and looking at budgets. Working with State Mechanical and Plumbing board with review and changes to the 2012 IMC; Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Board will consider Building Code Bureau changes with least amends possible. The IBC IRC intended actions will be to amend out the sprinkler requirements before adoption. Will be a suggestion is to keep the lightweight provisions in the code as written. At the last Electrical Board meeting there was momentum to continue electrical inspections on farms.

Committee Reports

Legislative – Did not meet – no report

Education – Cody Christensen mentioned IAEI meeting has PV class in October and to offer IABO members. Registration is open on website and will offer CEUs.
Electrical Exam training location has been set at Baymont Inn near Des Moines Airport. Encourage to take test as soon as possible after the training. Cody is also working on January education.

Membership – no report

Scholarship - no report. Need to get application out to colleges.

Program – Ankeny next meeting, speaker not know at this time.

Code Development – IABO may work with Region III to mesh ideas and focus together the efforts then could have more say and input at the national code hearing level.

Endorsement–Tim Hennes reports the committee endorses all candidates that have requested for endorsement. Candidate names are Gilbert Gonzales for section seat, Lynn Underwood running at large seat, and Jim Brown running for at large seat. Alex “Cash” Olszowy is running for Secretary/Treasurer and Allen Boswell is running to retain seat. Motion was made to approve by Dennis Jordison and seconded by Adam Fedders. Motion passed.

Audit– no report

Nomination– Will have Board elections at November meeting so are working on nomination of any open positions.

At the end of committee reports there was an open discussion regarding the timing of State adoption of codes within six months of publication and if the group supports adoption of Standard Codes through out the state at one time. Group agrees that having a Building Code Commissioner would help the unification and perhaps IABO express the concerns and to have IABO Group offer code adoption experience to the State. Plumbing, Mechanical, Energy, and Electrical Codes are each state minimum standard now. There are still open positions on the State Plumbing and Mechanical Systems board and would be good for someone from IABO to be on that board.

Break for 15 minutes.

Region III Report – Group had a teleconference. Still needing person on Education, Code Development and Public Relations Committee so let Brita know if interested and she will forward to Region III board. In February Region III will be having training with schedule on the back of the newsletter.

ICC Report – Ron Hoover brought some books for everyone to review. CDP access is in development and will be available during the ABM hearings. Can also be used for code proposals and collaborate process with other members. Ron is also on the national award committee. Perhaps IABO develop an award for the Building Official of the year.

EAST – no meeting or reports.

MICCC – Last meeting had discussions regarding safety glazing in bathrooms using the 2012 IRC code. Des Moines is in progress in adopting 2012 codes around November.

Old Business - Looking at proposal from vendor for Website update and will report progress at next meeting. ABM shirts were handed out. Poker chips were ordered for the ABM meeting. We might want to get started on a design for the next ABM.

New Business - None

Motion for the meeting to adjourn was made by Cody Christensen and seconded by Tim Hennes. Motion passed.
Meeting adjourned at 10:45

Dennis Jordison then gave directions to CertainTeed Gypsum plant for tour of manufacture of gypsum board.

Respectfully submitted by IABO Secretary Roger Schemmel