Minutes: November 13, 2014 Meeting at Stetson Building Products Inc.

 Introductions and Roll call:

President Cody Christensen called the meeting to order at approximately 9:00 AM

Board Members present were Cody Christensen, Roger Schemmel, Mike Pardekooper, Tim Hennes and absent were Adam Fedders and Tom Palmer. A count of three board members and more than 15 members was taken to determine there was a quorum.

Approval of September meeting minutes Review minutes of the September 2014 IABO Chapter Meeting.

A motion was made by Steve Richardson and seconded by Jared Ruby to approve the minutes. Motion passed.


Communications and Correspondence



Treasure’s Report. Adam Fedders was not present but sent the Treasure report $3,863.62 in expenses which leaves a current book balance of $35,253.62. Report was passed around for members to review.

A motion was made by Bob Hendricks and seconded by Roger Schemmel to approve the Treasure’s report. Motion passed.

Iowa Department of Public Health Report

Cindy Houlson handed out copies of the state’s amendment to the 2012 International Mechanical Code and stated that all state mechanical licensees will be mailed a copy of the amendments on December 2, 2014.

Cindy informed the membership the contractor license information on the website has been relocated to the green tab labeled licensure then go to contract license to find contactor license information.

Cindy also brought a copy of Senate File 427 to share. This statute provides local jurisdictions information on the adoption of the plumbing and mechanical codes. It identifies dates to be aware of. She recommended reviewing information with local legal staff prior to adopting the codes to make sure local jurisdictions understand the content of the information provided.

Cindy stated the licensing is in renewal with December being the big month for renewals.

Cindy said they were five weeks out with issuing licenses. This means individuals that submit for renewal should receive their license in approximately 5 weeks. The normal turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks and they hope to shorten the time it takes to get the license.

Cindy also commented that Brian Bishop will be joining the board as soon as she hears from the Governor’s office, letting them know his appointment has gone through, and he will be a good resource for information for the board.

State Building Code Bureau Rich Bolton said the State is starting the process to review the 2015 International Codes. He stated it takes about six months to get an administrative rule through and best case scenario is adoption of the codes by August or October of 2015. There will be opportunity for public input throughout the adoption process. He went on to say they are looking at adopting 4 codes, the 2015 International Building and Residential Codes, the 2015 International Existing Building Code and the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code. Also, the State Fire Marshal’s office will be adopting the 2015 International Fire Code.

Brian Bishop stated they’ve been working on developing a program to provide inspections to communities that experience natural disasters such as flooding or tornados. The state Department of Public Safety and Building Code Bureau was providing this service. The AIA started a disaster network and was providing some disaster inspections. The thought was to team up with Homeland Security and formalize the disaster inspection process. Efforts have been made to provide liability protection and workman’s compensation for volunteers and government employees that would volunteer for this specialty team.

The Department of Public Safety signed an agreement with Homeland Security that creates a specialty team that is like any other state disaster team such as Urban Search and Rescue or SWAT teams. If there is a State declared disaster and a community needs assistance they can contact the Department of Public Safety through Homeland Security to request inspection services after the disaster.

Roster team members would have liability protection and be provided training, which will start next year. They are currently working on an application process and developing a procedure manual. The Department of Public Safety will administer the day to day activities of the program.

Brian emphasized this team will not replace local authority after a disaster but is a resource for communities to use after the disaster.

Brian stated there may be limited compensation if it is a federally declared disaster but it would be up to the individual team member and their jurisdiction to determine compensation to volunteer for the disaster response team.

Brian wanted confirmation that IABO was on board as a stake holder and something the membership would want to be a part of.

A motion was made by Denny Bernholtz and seconded by Linda Rivers that IABO support the disaster inspection initiative that is being developed. Motion passed.

Committee Reports

Legislative – Brain Bishop reported now would be the time new bills would be developed for the legislative session starting in January and he has not heard any new initiatives that would affect IABO.

Education – Mike Pardekooper updated the membership on upcoming seminars:





Membership– No report

Scholarship – Mike Pardekooper stated the committee’s activities usually start around the first of the year. Last year two students were selected and each received their scholarships. The committee will consider two new students for scholarships for the 2015 graduating class. This is in addition to the two year and four year scholarships that were awarded in 2014 and will continue next year.

Program – Roger Schemmel reported that January 7 is the annual banquet and he may try to find entertainment, someone to present or put together a slide show.

Roger asked the membership to let him know if good contacts for a presentation to let him know.

Code Development – Cody Christensen stated some committee members have set in on some of the code development meetings the state held on the 2015 codes and will continue to be involved with the process. Cody expressed an opportunity to be more involved with ICC code development through CDP access. He wanted to get feedback from the membership to see if there was interest in a group of IABO members reviewing the proposed code changes and identify some of the more significant changes that would be of interest to the entire membership for discussion.

Ray Nees and Ron Hoover explained that the Cedar Rapids metro area has been communicating on the adoption of the 2015 codes. The email communication that took place between these jurisdictions could serve as an example of something that could be done state wide.

Bob Neale stated the codes are available on line at for all 2015 codes in pdf view which could be helpful for members to guide their elected officials to view specific code sections.

Steve Richardson commented that as an organization it might be helpful if there was an effort put toward commenting on the 2018 code proposals. It would be an opportunity to be proactively involved rather than reactive on how we are going to deal with the issues that are already in the code.

Pat Parsley added that Region III is using CDP to facilitate the process and IABO could be part of the process if someone was willing to help with it.

Endorsement – No Report

Audit– Full year’s report not available at this time, but will get the report to the Audit Committee before the January’s meeting and the January meeting is where we will have the vote to approve the report.

Nomination– Craig Witry stated the nominating committee wanted to nominate the current board members that are willing to stay in their positions another year.

Second Craig stated the nominating committee nominates Linda Rivers and Ray Nees as candidates for the treasure position. Cody Christensen asked for any other nominations from the floor.

A motion was made by Steve Richardson to cease nominations and seconded by Roger Schemmel. Motion passed.

Linda and Ray introduced themselves and explained their credentials to serve as treasurer.

Cody asked both candidates if they felt they would be available to attend all the meetings. Both answered in the affirmative.

Ballot forms were handed out for vote from the membership present.


Votes were counted and Cody announced Linda Rivers as the new IABO Treasure.

Presentation: Fire Protection of Commercial Exhaust and Ventilation Systems Presented by Carlo W. Rinehart, Regional Manager, Fire Protection, Unifrax 1, LLC.

After review of the by-laws Cody found a section that states officers must be a full time employee of their jurisdiction and with Linda stating she was part time with her jurisdiction made her ineligible for the treasure position. Cody stated the membership needed to redo the vote for treasure. There was conversation about changing the bylaws to allow part time employees to be eligible for officer positions. Discussion ensued about the interpretation of full time and the question was asked if the jurisdiction only hired an inspector for less than full time could it be interpreted that that person is full time for that jurisdiction.

Further discussion ensued.

A motion was made by Steve Richardson until the Board comes up with a definition of fulltime that we qualify fulltime as a person having the position for a jurisdiction and not limited by hours worked. Seconded by Steve Nichols. Discussion was had about the definition of fulltime and any clarification would not affect the current board members positions. Motion passed.

ICC Report – Bob Neale, ICC, reported on CDP Access would open in mid November and close on January 12 to submit code changes to the 2018 codes. Bob wanted to emphasize anybody could submit a code change, that it is not conditional to ICC membership.

Bob explained that if you are an ICC member in good standing as of July of 2014, there is a one year window where you can download, in pdf format, the 2015 codes. In that years’ time when you get a renewal notice, you will get a coupon to download the codes. Bob would be willing to help you with this.

Region III Report – No Report

Eastern (EICBIC) – No report

Central (MICCC) – No report

Old Business – No report

New Business –

A motion to adjourn was made by Denny Bernholtz and seconded by Craig Witry. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted by IABO Secretary Tim Hennes