Legislative Committee:

  • Monitors legislation each session for items that may impact members and their businesses/communities.
  • Works with IABO lobbyist (if hired) to formulate and present IABO opinion to appropriate legislators.
  • Contacts legislators as needed to discuss legislation.
  • Attends and possibly testifies at legislative hearings infrequently.
  • Passes legislative updates along to the membership as needed both through email and at meetings.
  • 1-2 hours per week during the legislative session with occasional need to attend half or full day meetings.


Education Committee:

  • Organizes chapter education events including class selection, procuring locations, organizing catering/food options, scheduling ICC and other instructors, procuring training books and class material (mainly from ICC). 
  • Typically events are two days and are held 2 – 3 times per year in central Iowa and 0-1 times per year in Eastern Iowa.
  • 1-8 hours per week for 8 weeks leading up to event and typically attends each event.


Code Development Committee:

  • Prepares and submits code change proposals on behalf of IABO.
  • Reviews and reports to the members on code change proposals submitted by others.
  • Presents information on code changes to the members and gains consensus of the group.
  • Attends code hearings and testifies on behalf of IABO.
  • Central point of contact for gaining consensus of code interpretations between IABO members (when possible)
  • 1-2 hours per week each week with additional time before code change hearings as needed.


Program Committee:

  • Researches and schedules presenters and topics for each IABO meeting.
  • May assist Education Committee with selection of topics and trainers for Education events.
  • 2 hours per month.


Endorsement Committee:

  • Reviews requests for endorsement from candidates seeking positions for the ICC Board of Directors positions. 
  • Chair is the 1st Vice President per IABO endorsement policy.
  • Minimum of 3 members needed for this committee per endorsement policy.


Membership Committee:

  • To design and implement public outreach and incentive programs to maintain existing and encourage new memberships.


Audit Committee:

  • Completes annual audit of IABO bank account, income, and purchases with a report to the membership in January of each year for the previous year’s activity.
  • 8-12 hours per year.


Scholarship Committee:

  • Receives and reviews scholarship applications and renewals annually.
  • Recommends (or selects?) scholarship winners each year.
  • Reviews and recommends changes to the scholarship program for a vote by the membership.
  • Will review possibility of ICC foundation administering scholarship program for the IABO Chapter.


Nominating Committee:

  • Recommends nominees for the IABO Board of Directors.
  • Meet starting in July for announcement of recommended nominees.  Nominees announced in September and voting is done at the November meeting.
  • 4-6 hours per week for 4 weeks each July/August.


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