You can download the Membership Application using the link at the bottom of this page. When you send in the completed application, you can include payment by check.

NOTE: If you prefer to fill in the application and pay online, please click HERE.

The different categories of IABO membership are explained as follows (You can download this document using the link at the bottom of this page. ):

Annual Dues (2021 update)
Class A: Building Officials or Appointed Designee are the primary active members for a city, county, or state building department that has adopted a building code.
Class B: Additional Building Department Personnel are those other than the Building Official or Appointed Designee who are employed by a government jurisdiction that enforces building codes.
Associate Members are those representatives from industry and other persons interested in or allied with building construction.
Retired Members are those from any classification that have retired from active service but wish to maintain their association with IABO.
Honorary Members are those who have been nominated and elected to this class of membership by the IABO membership.


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